Looking for experienced female softball player to join coed team Softball

Posted Thu, Mar 30 by jarrod from Hampton, NH in Teams and Groups / 7 replies

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    Looking for 2 experienced female softball players to join coed softball team in hampton
  • Hannah replied Mon, Apr 10

    Hi Jared, My husband and I are looking to join a softball team. Let me know if you need a man and a woman!
  • jarrod replied Mon, Apr 10

    Yes I can use both of u I have a captains meeting tomorrow night so I will have more details what position do you guys play
  • Hannah replied Mon, Apr 10

    Hey so I'm new to this whole sportsvite thing. I played softball in high school but we aren't like "serious" players, we are just looking to have fun, get outside and get back in the game. He's in the police acccadmy this summer so m-f he's there. Basically we can only do it if it's on the weekend, we aren't even sure if it makes sense to join a league right now to be honest. If you could give us kind of a schedule so we can see if we can make it work that would be great. And we totally understand if you guys are a more serious competitive team that want more serious and competitive players besides us!
  • jarrod replied Mon, Apr 10

    Yea our games are usually Tues and wednsday and the majority of us work in a Lumber yard trying to get something to do out of work but we like to win to lol
  • Melissa replied Thu, Apr 27

    Are you still looking for people to play?
  • Brianna replied Fri, May 5

    Jarrod where are your games? Do you still need someone to play? I might be interested I'm still looking for a team to join
  • jarrod replied Thu, May 18

    i also need 3 guys tonight at 545 in hampton nh if interested
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